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Nothing would bring us to an expectation that we should remember our births. And, like a shocking accidental death, our end will only be recalled by its witness-- specifically the lizard people. But we can speculate when human memory begins, by trying to find the oldest memory anyone can come up with, and comparing that to other old memories and voting on which one is oldest.

Right now, it seems like "hiring aliens to build the pyramids" and "saving the human race from a flood with a single vessel" are the top two recollections our scientists can retrieve, through Tantric past-life meditation. We've voted, and decided the flood came first. Otherwise the pyramids would have been larger, to withstand T-rex attacks. It is the lizard person that travels through space, not the human. If the human tries faster-than-light travel, he always comes home replaced by a lizard person. You can tell the differences by getting to know them a little better.

It is an unfortunate circumstance of gravity and kinetic energy that space travel has proven fruitless to humans. If a human were to actually achieve faster-than-light speeds, a lizard person would find him or her, and replace his body with a lizard person. It is like if you through a sandwich too fast through the air, and the bread flies off in either direction, and only meat lands at the target. Except by the time the human meat lands, the lizard person has replaced the bread with scales.

It is the lizard people that travel through space. The human can only find portals.
It is with great joy that we announced the presence of portals. Portals may be summoned from extra dimensions, and experimented on. Requiring only energy to find, they are a natural part of our universe which we cannot create.

It is a fountain of youth. It is a wonderwall. The portal may be passed through by humans or objects, or in some cases, lizard people. We haven't found many of those portals, because lizard people prefer to travel through space. It should be noted that a portal from which lizard people come is only occupied by lizard people, not created or sustained by them.

A portal is a fluke in the universe, or a kink in space-time. They exist like invisible waterfalls or canyons in the terra firma of our 3-dimensional lives. Humans pass through portals all the time, often leading to happiness, luck,or depression. Some portals lead the mind into other dimensions, and exist at the edges of the physical representation of those portals. These are consumed by humans in the form of drugs.

Most portals of interest to the scientist are travel portals. Enormous kinks of energy deposits may teleport or displace an object to a place very far indeed away from earth.

Fine, I'll hug myself

Shit, guys. I think I did too much meth. My swagger is way too high. The wavy way I keep it smooth with my, hold me, homies, is making even this too-real 1984 victim weak. I partially believe I've damaged my centra nervous system, but I'm not seriously deranged. I build the lingo strings much too freshly for my main company like a gimped eminem. Nothing matters to me more than perfecting this ratched gait. I'm sick.

I think originally I was developing my accent to communicate with southerners, but somewhere along the way my immune system attacked itself giving me this sick limp. Like a super saiyan TV host, I express myself with arms waved around, subtly pushing the positive ions from my fingertips into invisible rows of a sand garden. It's all too real, my sumptuous slimping out of Satan's way. Monarch's last meeting 10/23 the last time you saw reality. Furnished with sacred items of longevity, the couch; the blanket, and the desk, where wich all things worked. It came.

In the best shape I could be in after prison, my month was inexclusive of my class, my language indecipherable from the worst kind, almuttered much too late. The curse spread thin from my lips, where I smiled, crossly squinting my eyes across all barrers on the planet Earth.

My pine-cone wrote itself to many friendly letters, sprouting mysteriously from the red pine tree.

All the words I used just now were inspired by local lingo which rapppers tought to me.